Why Summer Is A Great Time To Buy A Home: Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Maine is an ideal place to work, live, and play. Maine real estate comes with gorgeous landscapes, four seasons, and lovely locales. What more could you ask for? Buying a home in the summer has many advantages for first-time homebuyers. Benefits include better weather, peak inventory, and great deals in August. Let’s take a closer look at why summer is one of the best times to buy your perfect respite.

Sunshine days

Summer is a time to be browsing for homes. The birds are chirping, flowers are in full bloom, and sunshine streams through your potential home, showcasing your potential new home. Homebuyers don’t have to trudge through snow or slip on ice. If you live in Maine, you can expect daylight until 8 PM during July. So first-time homebuyers can use that additional daylight to look for homes. 

Peak inventory

The early days of summer are considered peak real estate season in the U.S. Many sellers wait until the spring to list their homes. One reason is that homes simply show better with all the blooming flowers and bright sunshine. However, you may face a lot of competition in the Summer, so be prepared to come to the table with a strong offer. A local Maine real estate agent can help you find the right home to fit your needs.

School’s out for summer

School is out, often meaning a more flexible schedule for families and fewer demands on their time, giving them some breathing room to consider this critical financial decision. This gives buyers more freedom to schedule their closing dates. It can also be easier for children to switch schools at the start of a new year when their classmates are also starting fresh. With time on their hands, kids may be more willing to help pack boxes and participate in the moving process. We’ve created a helpful moving checklist to keep you organized and prepared for the future.

Finding great deals in August

The market slows down in Maine as it gets closer to August. Late August traditionally gives you great opportunities to find deals because sellers slash prices even further. Don’t blow off the houses that have languished on the market during the spring and summer selling seasons. There are numerous reasons why a home might not have sold. It may be that a buyer backed out. Regardless, a home on the market for an extended period may be a great find. If you need help with your mortgage, Maine has several first-time homebuyer programs available. 

While you will naturally want to plan for buying a home in the summer, it’s important to remember that every home purchase process is different. It’s vital to stay open-minded and flexible throughout the process and to draw on the expertise of your trusted lender and real estate professional. The more you can communicate your needs ahead of time and anticipate the unexpected, the more likely you are to feel satisfied by the outcome.

If you are ready to buy this summer, we can help. Talk to one of our experienced mortgage experts, who are here to guide you through the entire mortgage process from start to finish. To schedule a free no-obligation consultation, contact KFS Mortgage Company today.

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