Your Second Home in Maine: Making the Dream a Reality

Ah … life in Maine. Serene. Laid-back. Old-fashioned and neighborly. No wonder our state slogan is “The Way Life Should Be.” Do you yearn to experience that wonderful, get-away-from-it-all life in your second home in Maine? Do you want to enjoy the great benefits of summertime in Maine in your vacation home … or the “every-season benefits” of your year-round second home here? Let’s take a moment to look at some of those great benefits and how you can make your second-home dream a reality.

Year-round, Life-Enriching Activities

Of all the 50 states, there is none more associated with enjoyable outdoor activities than Maine. From motor-boating to jet-skiing to sailing to swimming to hiking and more, the spring, summer and fall in Maine bring a wealth of possibilities to everyone who loves experiencing life by the lake, by the ocean, or in the woods. Owning a second home in Maine gives you the perfect springboard to leap into all these activities and more. That’s part of the reason why Maine is now the “#1 Most Moved-To State” in all the U.S.

Skiing and Other Kinds of Winter Magic    

Although we think of “Winter Wonderland” as a song we hear across America around Christmas time, the fact is that the tune could have been written specifically about Maine. Love skiing, for example? Maine now offers fully 18 different ski areas for skiers of every level. From Lost Valley to Sugarloaf to Saddleback and many more, there will be a ski area “calling your name”—and within comfortable driving distance—when you own your year-round second home or vacation home in Maine.

And if you aren’t into skiing? No worries! Maine has you covered. Anytime the local ponds freeze, and the hills bear a beautiful coat of snow—which is most of the winter—a delightful afternoon of family skating, sledding, or snowboarding will be within just minutes of your second home.


If you dream of owning a second home in Maine—either just for the summer or for year-round use—why not explore your options today? Read our blog on second-home financing strategies for a clear, helpful understanding of your options.

Then call us today! We’ll be here for you with helpful, no-pressure advice—the kind you can use to own that second home in Maine you’ve always dreamed of.

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