Getting to Know Joshua Ward

KFS Mortgage Company believes in connecting homebuyers with knowledgeable mortgage loan experts like Joshua Ward. With over 22 years of experience in the financial industry, he can guide his clients to find the right loan product. “My experience helps me to relate to homebuyers throughout the entire mortgage loan process,” he says. We sat down with Joshua to learn more about his role and tips for a successful homebuying experience.

You’re a mortgage loan officer at KFS Mortgage Company. Please explain the nature of your role.

As a mortgage loan officer, my primary job is to assist customers in finding the correct mortgage for their situation and needs. With so many options available, I lead them through the process of finding the best and most cost-effective solution to purchase or refinance their homes.

What makes KFS Mortgage Company different from other lenders? 

KFS Mortgage Company provides our customers with custom-fit solutions. We can select the best possible mortgage for the customer from application to closing.

What does leadership mean to you? 

“A good leader must be able to communicate effectively, provide vision and direction, and build consensus among team members. Leaders must also be able to make tough decisions, delegate responsibility, and hold people accountable for their actions. In addition, a good leader must be able to deal with conflict and build relationships of trust.”

Did you have any professional mentors that helped you along the way? 

One of my earliest mentors has been there for me for many years. We developed a great work partnership and formed a great friendship outside of work. 

How do you help homebuyers? 

I provide them with a very in-depth and complete pre-approval so that when it comes to buying a home, they can rest easy knowing the financial aspect is secured.

Do you have any tips for first-time homebuyers?

My best recommendation is to find a lender, like myself, with extensive knowledge of the first-time homebuying process. It is often the most significant and stressful purchase of a customer’s life and should be handled by someone who knows the procedure inside and out.

What do you love about living in Maine? 

Maine is an incredible state. There is a strong sense of community and a work ethic that is unrivaled. The people of Maine are good, solid people who are willing to help whenever needed.

How have you connected with the community in the central Maine area? Are you involved in any community service organizations? 

I have been a Board Member for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, and am an active member of the Waterville Masonic Lodge, participating in their Books for Bikes program and their Widow Program.

Please share any hobbies, activities, or interests you enjoy outside work.

I love being outdoors and doing things like fishing, kayaking, hiking, hunting, and exploring the amazing scenery in Maine. I also love to cook and eat. You will often find me grilling a steak or mixing up a mean soup.

We are happy to have Joshua Ward on our team of mortgage loan experts. Our experts will compare the pros and cons of each loan option and ensure that you find the right mortgage. If you would like to know more about your mortgage loan options throughout the State of Maine, we are happy to help.

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